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Old-style Matplotlib charts

Just a quick demonstration of using Matplotlib and Pillow to customize a chart in the style of a 1950s academic journal article.

Rating the Novels of Agatha Christie

A Jupyter Notebook of this article is available here.

Molecular Dynamics modelling of effusion into a vacuum

This previous post introduced a simple molecular dynamics simulation for the equilibration of the speeds of the particles of an ideal gas. The present post extends the code a little to model the effusion of an ideal gas through a small hole into a vacuum.

Computer generated contemporary art (update)

This is an update to the post from February 2016 with an improved algorithm (given below) for generating pleasing random images by sequentially shifting the colour of pixels across a canvas.

Update: the frequency of intense tornadoes

Five years ago, I wrote a blog post, "Is the frequency of intense tornadoes increasing?". Here is an updated plot, including tornadoes up to 2020 and accounting for the National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI)'s use of the Enhanced Fujita scale – this includes the category "EFU" for tornadoes which inflict no identifiable damage.