Learning Scientific Programming with Python

Langton's ant on a hexagonal plane
Visualizing vibronic transitions in a diatomic molecule
Plotting nuclide halflives
A shallow neural network for simple nonlinear classification
Plotting the decision boundary of a logistic regression model
Logistic regression for image classification
Cropping a square region from an image
The Maxwell–Boltzmann distribution in two dimensions
Visualizing the real forms of the spherical harmonics
Ratios of random numbers
The Babylonian spiral
Hexagonal Truchet tiling
Quadtrees #2: Implementation in Python
The double compound pendulum
Illustrating the Padovan sequence
Plotting COVID-19 case growth charts
Plotting COVID-19 cases
Recamán's sequence
The Möbius function and the Mertens conjecture
Processing UK Ordnance Survey terrain data
Visualizing the Earth's dipolar magnetic field
Impact craters on Earth
Two-dimensional collisions
Packing circles inside a shape
Packing circles in a circle
Simulating two-dimensional polycrystals
Breeding tritium for a fusion reactor
Diffusion on the surface of a torus
Non-linear least squares fitting of a two-dimensional data
ExB drift for an arbitrary electric potential
Depicting a torus as an SVG image
Reaching Orbit
Moiré patterns in a pair of hexagonal lattices
Gyromotion of a charged particle in a magnetic field
Types of plasma
Plotting nuclear fusion cross sections
Simulating the Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction
The double pendulum
Visualizing the bivariate Gaussian distribution
Visualizing the gradient descent method
Computer generated contemporary art
Simulating foraminifera

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