Learning Scientific Programming with Python

The Kelvin wake pattern
The two-dimensional wave equation
Analysing flight punctuality data for UK airports: I. Basic statistics for 2022
A circle problem
The Weierstrass function
Visualizing the Temperature in Cambridge, UK
A "universal" formula for egg shape
Visualizing Kaczmarz's Algorithm
Ridgeline plots of monthly UK temperatures
Linear least squares fitting of a two-dimensional data
Least-squares fitting to an exponential function
COVID deaths and vaccination rates
The Klein–Nishina formula
Floyd-Steinberg Dithering
Mass Parabolas
Direct linear least squares fitting of an ellipse
Chaotic Balls
Measurements of the electron charge over time
Iceberg dynamics
Where are the world's nuclear power plants?
Cistercian Numerals
Old-style Matplotlib charts
Molecular Dynamics modelling of effusion into a vacuum
Computer generated contemporary art (update)
The electric field of a capacitor
Matching coloured LED combinations to a spectrum
Animated contour plots with Matplotlib
Uranium enrichment and the separative work unit (SWU)
Visualizing vibronic transitions in a diatomic molecule
Plotting nuclide halflives
A shallow neural network for simple nonlinear classification
Plotting the decision boundary of a logistic regression model
Logistic regression for image classification
The Maxwell–Boltzmann distribution in two dimensions
Visualizing the real forms of the spherical harmonics
The Babylonian spiral
Quadtrees #2: Implementation in Python
The double compound pendulum
Recamán's sequence
Processing UK Ordnance Survey terrain data
Visualizing the Earth's dipolar magnetic field
Impact craters on Earth
Two-dimensional collisions
Packing circles inside a shape
Simulating two-dimensional polycrystals
Non-linear least squares fitting of a two-dimensional data
ExB drift for an arbitrary electric potential
Gyromotion of a charged particle in a magnetic field
Types of plasma
Plotting nuclear fusion cross sections
Visualizing the bivariate Gaussian distribution
Visualizing the gradient descent method