Corrections and clarifications to the text of the printed version of 2nd edition of the book appear here.

p. 41 (P2.3.2) The comment in the definition of the constant $G$ indicates incorrect units:

G = 6.6743e-11 # J/K

should be

G = 6.6743e-11 # Nm^2/kg^2

p. 309 (Example E7.6) In the second call to plt.errorbar one of the arguments escaped the close parenthesis:

... mfc='k', mec='k'), capsize=3

should read

... mfc='k', mec='k', capsize=3)

p.366 (Example E8.4) The import

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

is not necessary in this code example.

Minor typos

p. 267 (E6.16): tranformation $\rightarrow$ transformation

p. 286 (P6.6.3): bactrium $\rightarrow$ bacterium