Corrections and clarifications to the text of the printed version of 2nd edition of the book appear here.

p. 41 (P2.3.2) The comment in the definition of the constant $G$ indicates incorrect units:

G = 6.6743e-11 # J/K

should be

G = 6.6743e-11 # Nm^2/kg^2

p. 90 (E3.2) There is a missing minus sign in the inequality defining the plot range for the sinc function, which should be $-20 \le x \le 20$.

p.162 (Example E4.19, Listing 4.8) The linspace function lives in the numpy package, not the pyplot module:

r = plt.linspace(0,200,1000)

should be replaced with

r = np.linspace(0,200,1000)

and NumPy imported at the start of the program with

import numpy as np

p. 309 (Example E7.6) In the second call to plt.errorbar one of the arguments escaped the close parenthesis:

... mfc='k', mec='k'), capsize=3

should read

... mfc='k', mec='k', capsize=3)

p. 345 (Example E7.24) This comment line in Listing 7.25 is incorrect:

# Initial conditions - ring of inner radius r, width dr centred at (cx,cy) (mm)

should read:

# Initial conditions - circle of radius r centred at (cx,cy) (mm)

p.366 (Example E8.4) The import

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

is not necessary in this code example.

p.368 (Example E8.5) The linspace function lives in the numpy package, not the pyplot module. The following lines:

ax = plt.linspace(-5, 5, 1000)
ax2 = plt.linspace(1, 6, 6)

should be replaced with

ax = np.linspace(-5, 5, 1000)
ax2 = np.linspace(1, 6, 6)

p.479 (P9.4.2) The value for the reference viscosity to use is $\eta_0 = 1.869 \times 10^{-5}\;\mathrm{kg\,m^{-1}\,s^{-1}}$.

Minor typos

p. 267 (E6.16): tranformation $\rightarrow$ transformation

p. 286 (P6.6.3): bactrium $\rightarrow$ bacterium