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Wa-Tor World

Wa-Tor is a population dynamics simulation described by Alexander Dewdney in Scientific American (1984): "Computer Recreations: Sharks and fish wage an ecological war on the toroidal planet Wa-Tor".

Disasters in Great Britain and Ireland over time

Wikipedia has an interesting (if somewhat morbid) list of disasters in Great Britain and Ireland. This blog post will show how to scrape it and plot a chart of the deaths due to these disasters over time.

How many MPs have degrees in STEM subjects?

Not many:

What is the average age of an MP in each party?

enter image description here

Exploring the Schottky anomaly in hydrogen

The temperature-dependence of the rotational contribution to the heat capacity of gaseous molecular hydrogen shows a Schottky anomaly: whereas for many systems the heat capacity can be expected to increase with increasing temperature, for $\mathrm{H_2}$ there is an temperature range within which it reaches a maximum before decreasing. Only at higher temperatures does it revert to "conventional" behaviour.