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Making a word search puzzle in Python

The program given below takes a list of words and attempts to fit them into a grid with given dimensions to make a word search puzzle. For example, using the file planets.txt:

Cistercian Numerals

The Cistercian numeral counting system used by the Cistercian monastic order in the late medieval period. The digits 1 – 9 are depicted as symbols arranged around a vertical stave. By placing these symbols reflected vertically and/or horizontally into each of four locations the decimal digits in the units, tens, hundreds and thousands positions could be represented, enabling the numbers 0 – 9999 to be defined, as shown below (by user Meteoorkip from Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 4.0):

Old-style Matplotlib charts

Just a quick demonstration of using Matplotlib and Pillow to customize a chart in the style of a 1950s academic journal article.

Rating the Novels of Agatha Christie

A Jupyter Notebook of this article is available here.

Molecular Dynamics modelling of effusion into a vacuum

This previous post introduced a simple molecular dynamics simulation for the equilibration of the speeds of the particles of an ideal gas. The present post extends the code a little to model the effusion of an ideal gas through a small hole into a vacuum.