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Impact craters on Earth

The Earth Impact Database is a collection of images, publications and abstracts that provides information about confirmed impact structures for the scientific community. It is hosted at the Planetary and Space Science Centre (PASSC) of the University of New Brunswick.

The Star Wars opening crawl in Matplotlib

Matplotlib isn't the obvious choice for depicting the Star Wars opening crawl, but that isn't a reason not to try:

A simple two-dimensional Brownian motion animation

This code continues the previous blog post on two-dimensional collisions to model Brownian motion. The code is on my GitHub page.

Two-dimensional collisions

This small Python project is a physical simulation of two-dimensional physics. The animation is carried out using Matplotlib's FuncAnimation method and is implemented by the class Simulation. Each "particle" of the simulation is represented by an instance of the Particle class and depicted as a circle with a fixed radius which undergoes elastic collisions with other particles.

Packing circles inside a shape

A previous blog post dealt with packing circles into a circle. To fill an arbitrary shape, a slightly different approach is needed. The code presented in my github repo.