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Ridgeline plots of monthly UK temperatures

The UK Meteorological Office offers historical data of mean monthly temperatures in different regions of the UK for download. For the purposes of this blog post, I downloaded the data corresponding to two regions: Scotland.txt and South_England.txt.

Linear least squares fitting of a two-dimensional data

This earlier blog post presented a way of performing a non-linear least squares fit on two-dimensional data using a sum of (2D) Gaussian functions.

Least-squares fitting to an exponential function

Many phenomena can be described in terms of a measured variable varying exponentially with a quantity. For example, a processes such as radioactive decay and first-order reaction rates are described by an ordinary differential equation of the form

An Arepo (Latin Wordle) Solver

Arepo is a word-guessing game like Wordle, but in Latin. Therefore, the Wordle-solving script presented previously can be used to solve Arepo problems, but a list of five-letter Latin words is required.

A Python Wordle Solver

Wordle is a daily online word-guessing game. The goal is to deduce the hidden five-letter word in as few guesses as possible: after each guess, the player is told which letters which match in the correct position (highlighted in green), which letters are present in the hidden word, but in a different position (highlighted in yellow) and which letters are not present (after those highlighted in green or yellow; these letters are presented on a grey background).