Raincloud plots comparing rainfall in Wales and East Anglia


As a companion script to this one on UK monthly temperatures the Met Office's data on rainfall can be compared in a similar way. The script below produces "raincloud" plots of the monthly rainfall since 1891 for two regions of the UK: East Anglia (relatively dry) and Wales (notoriously wet). The "cloud" for each month is a kernel density estimate of the distribution of the number of days on which at least 1mm of rain falls; the "rain" is a histogram of the same data.

The files needed are East_Anglia-rain.txt and Wales-rain.txt.

A raincloud plot of rainfall in Wales compared with East Anglia

import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from matplotlib.colors import Normalize
from matplotlib.offsetbox import AnchoredText
from scipy.stats import gaussian_kde
DPI = 100

def plot_monthly_raindays(df1, title1, df2, title2, month, ax):

    def plot_cloud(df, offset=0):
        """Plot a raincloud plot, offset vertically by offset data units."""

        # Get the mean rainfall days across all years for each month.
        mean_raindays = df[months].mean()
        # Get the corresponding colour from our colormap.
        c = cmap(norm(mean_raindays[month]))

        sep = 0.5
        # The cloud, as a KDE.
        dist = gaussian_kde(df[month])
        ax.fill_between(raindays, dist(raindays) * sep + offset, offset, fc=c) 
        # The histogram of the rainy days
        hist, bin_edges = np.histogram(df[month], bins=20)
        # Plot the histogram as vertically falling "rain".
        x = (bin_edges[1:] + bin_edges[:-1]) / 2
        bottom = -hist * sep / 200 + offset
        for j, y in enumerate(bottom):
            if hist[j] == 0:
            xp = [x[j]] * hist[j]
            dy = (y - offset) / hist[j]
            yp = [offset + i*dy for i in range(hist[j])]
            ax.scatter(xp, yp, s=1, marker='.', color=c)

    # Plot the two distributions as raincloud plots.
    plot_cloud(df1, 0)
    plot_cloud(df2, 0.05)

    ax.set_xlabel(r'Number of rainy days per month')

    # Annotate with the month and the title (region of the UK).
    at = AnchoredText(
        month.title(), frameon=False, loc='upper left')
    ax.text(31, 0, title1, ha='right')
    ax.text(31, 0.06, title2, ha='right')

# Read in the data to two separate pandas DataFrames.
filename1, title1 = 'East_Anglia-rain.txt', 'East Anglia'
filename2, title2 = 'Wales-rain.txt', 'Wales'
df1 = pd.read_csv(filename1, sep='\s+', skiprows=5, header=0,

df2 = pd.read_csv(filename2, sep='\s+', skiprows=5, header=0,
months = df1.columns[:12]
raindays = np.arange(0, 31, 0.1)
cmap = plt.get_cmap('Greys')

# Get the minimum and maximum number of rainy days across both DataFrames,
# to normalize the colormap on.
df = pd.concat([df1[months].mean(), df2[months].mean()])
min_raindays, max_raindays = df.min(), df.max()
norm = Normalize(vmin=min_raindays, vmax=max_raindays)

fig, axes = plt.subplots(nrows=4, ncols=1, figsize=(600/DPI, 800/DPI), dpi=DPI)
plot_monthly_raindays(df1, title1, df2, title2, 'jan', axes[0])
plot_monthly_raindays(df1, title1, df2, title2, 'mar', axes[1])
plot_monthly_raindays(df1, title1, df2, title2, 'jul', axes[2])
plot_monthly_raindays(df1, title1, df2, title2, 'oct', axes[3])

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