Inflation in Austria


STATISTICS AUSTRIA provides economic and demographic statistical services to the state of Austria. This page lists the Consumer Price Index it calculates every month according to a methodology that is updated every five years.

The script below reads data from this page into a pandas DataFrame, cleans and processes it a little, and plots the various measures of CPI in the following figure.

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Note that the website uses a comma as a decimal separator, which can be specified in the call to pd.read_html.

import pandas as pd
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

# Read in a DataFrame from the appropriate table on this webpage.
url = (''
h = pd.read_html(url, decimal=',', thousands='.')
df = h[0]

# Remove rows corresponding to the yearly average interest rate.
df = df[~df['Month / Year'].str.contains('Ø')]
# Drop the last row, which doesn't contain data.
df = df[:-1]

# Set the index using the relevant column.
df.index = pd.DatetimeIndex(df['Month / Year'], name='Date')
df =df.drop('Month / Year', axis=1)

# Ensure the remaining columns are numeric.
df = df[df.columns].astype(float)

# Plot only the CPI columns (not the "Inflation rate%" column.
df.iloc[:, 1:].plot()
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