8000 m peaks

Question P6.2.1

The text file ex6-2-b-mountain-data.txt, reproduced below, gives some data concerning the 8000 m peaks, in alphabetical order.

This file contains a list of the 14 highest mountains in the
world with their names, height, year of first ascent, year of
first winter ascent, and location as longitude and latitude
in degrees (d), minutes (m) and seconds (s).
Note: as of 2013, no winter ascent has been made of K2 and
Nanga Parbat.

Name         Height  First Ascent First Winter Location
               m         Date     Ascent Date   (WGS84)
Annapurna I   8091    3/6/1950    3/2/1987     28d35m46sN 83d49m13sE
Broad Peak    8051    9/6/1957    5/3/2013     35d48m39sN 76d34m06sE
Cho Oyu       8201    19/10/1954  12/2/1985    28d05m39sN 86d39m39sE
Dhaulagiri I  8167    13/5/1960   21/1/1985    27d59m17sN 86d55m31sE
Everest       8848    29/5/1953   17/2/1980    27d59m17sN 86d55m31sE
Gasherbrum I  8080    5/7/1958    9/3/2012     35d43m28sN 76d41m47sE
Gasherbrum II 8034    7/7/1956    2/2/2011     35d45m30sN 76d39m12sE
K2            8611    31/7/1954   -            35d52m57sN 76d30m48sE
Kangchenjunga 8568    25/5/1955   11/1/1986    27d42m09sN 88d08m54sE
Lhotse        8516    18/5/1956   31/12/1988   27d57m42sN 86d56m00sE
Makalu        8485    15/5/1955   9/2/2009     27d53m21sN 87d05m19sE
Manaslu       8163    9/5/1956    12/1/1984    28d33m0sN  84d33m35sE
Nanga Parbat  8126    3/7/1953    -            35d14m15sN 74d35m21sE
Shishapangma  8027    2/5/1964    14/1/2005    28d21m8sN  85d46m47sE

Use NumPy's genfromtxt method to read these data into a suitable structured array in order to determine the following:

(a) The lowest 8000 m peak

(b) The most northely, easterly, southerly and westerly peaks

(c) The most recent first ascent of the peaks

(d) The first of the peaks to be climbed in winter

Also produce another structured array containing a list of mountains with their height in feet (1 metre = 3.2808399 feet) and first ascent date, ordered by increasing height.

Solution P6.2.1