Penrose Tiling #2

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A short gallery of images generated by my Penrose tiling generator, available on github.

Example 1: Inflation of a single BL tile.

The Initial triangle is defined with the origin at the centre of its base:

Penrose tiling example 1: initial tile

This initial triangle is inflated for 5 generations. The default configuration is used for its appearance.

import math
from penrose import PenroseP3, BtileL, psi

# A simple example starting with a BL tile

scale = 100
tiling = PenroseP3(scale, ngen=5)

theta = 2*math.pi / 5
rot = math.cos(theta) + 1j*math.sin(theta)
A = -scale/2 + 0j
B = scale/2 * rot
C = scale/2 / psi + 0j
tiling.set_initial_tiles([BtileL(A, B, C)])


Penrose tiling example 1

Example 2: A "sun" initialized by a semicircular arrangement of BS tiles.

The five initial BS tiles are arranged as below, with their vertices calculated by successive rotations of the edge BA1.

Penrose tiling example 2: initial tile

import math
from penrose import PenroseP3, BtileS, BtileL

# A "sun"

scale = 100
config={'tile-opacity': 0.9, 'stroke-colour': '#800',
        'Stile-colour': '#f00', 'Ltile-colour': '#ff0'}
tiling = PenroseP3(scale*1.1, ngen=4, config=config)

theta = math.pi / 5
alpha = math.cos(theta)
rot = math.cos(theta) + 1j*math.sin(theta)
A1 = scale + 0.j
B = 0 + 0j
C1 = C2 = A1 * rot
A2 = A3 = C1 * rot
C3 = C4 = A3 * rot
A4 = A5 = C4 * rot
C5 = -A1
tiling.set_initial_tiles([BtileS(A1, B, C1), BtileS(A2, B, C2),
                          BtileS(A3, B, C3), BtileS(A4, B, C4),
                          BtileS(A5, B, C5)])

Penrose tiling example 2

Example 3: A star, including coloured arc lines.

The five initial tiles are laid out as below, with the vertices p, q, r and s calculated by rotation of the edges AB1 and AC5.

Penrose tiling example 3: initial tile

The completed star is rotated by 90 degrees so that one of its vertices points upwards and the arc and tile colours customized.

import math
from penrose import PenroseP3, BtileL, psi

# A star with five-fold symmetry

# The Golden ratio
phi = 1 / psi
scale = 100
config = {'draw-arcs': True,
          'Aarc-colour': '#ff5e25',
          'Carc-colour': 'none',
          'Stile-colour': '#090',
          'Ltile-colour': '#9f3',
          'rotate': math.pi/2}
tiling = PenroseP3(scale*2, ngen=5, config=config)

theta = 2*math.pi / 5
rot = math.cos(theta) + 1j*math.sin(theta)

B1 = scale
p = B1 * rot
q = p*rot

C5 = -scale * phi
r = C5 / rot
s = r / rot
A = [0]*5
B = [scale, p, p, q, q]
C = [s, s, r, r, C5]

tiling.set_initial_tiles([BtileL(*v) for v in zip(A, B, C)])


Penrose tiling example 3

Current rating: 4.4


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Well done sir! Amazing aperiodic pattern beautifully visualized

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