DOI generator

This service generates DOIs using the code described in this blog post which are opaque (random), human-readable and URL-safe. For example, The prefix assigned by a DOI registration agency (here, 10.5438) must be provided. The suffix (here, 55e5-t5c0) is then generated at random from a pool of 328 ≈ 1.1 trillion possibilities. No checksum character is used because I don't see the point.

DOIs can be output with or without the proxy.

An extra string to be placed between the prefix and the suffix can also be specified (e.g. iaea. in the DOI 10.61092/iaea.ght7-f9qq).

This service can also be used from the command line with wget or curl, for example:
curl -G -d 'prefix=10.10455' -d 'ndois=20' -d 'includeproxy=on' -d 'extra=test/'